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HELLWEG granulators
Product overview & control system

Hellweg granulators - overview

Hellweg granulators - for processing valuable plastics waste

Hellweg granulators are used by plastic processing companies to compound thermoplastic waste arising from production – especially engineering plastics such as ABS, PE, PA, PA 6, PA 66 GF, PC, PP, PET, PVC, POM, but also TPE and EPS, involving dosing of ground material again with virgin material during runningproduction, or addition of the material in another application at a later stage.
The material to be handled falls into the cutting chamber of the Hellweg granulator via a guiding chute and is repeatedly shredded by cutting between rotating and fixed knives, until it passes an attached sieve as ground material. The sieve extends over the lower half of the grinding chamber and is exchangeable. This enables appropriate sieve perforation to be used for the particle size required.​

Przegląd granulatorów

The new Smart Control system - Industry 4.0

“Smart Control is new control system that provides user-friendly monitoring, maintenance & repair and guarantees safe and intuitive operation”

As with conventional Hellweg granulators, the digital version of each granulator with Smart Control focuses on user-friendliness: the familiar fast operation and intuitive interface ensure perfect processes.

To ensure safe and smooth operation, power consumption, rotation speed and temperatures are measured, analysed and documented in real time. In this way, direct conclusions can be drawn about relevant downtimes and excess of these is reported at an early stage – long before malfunction can occur.

With the new “eco” operating mode, power consumption can be reduced by up to 40%. The Smart Control unit measures the power consumption, evaluates it over long periods of time and actively learns the requirements of the respective applications, in order to independently apply optimum operating settings. During operation, the operator can read current consumption with a digital Ampere meter in real time operation and gain access to detailed statistics on long term operation.

The control data exchange standard is compatible with OPC-UA, which means it meets the requirements for integration with Industry 4.0.

Another novelty is boost operation, with which the grinding capacity can be temporarily increased, in order to compensate for production-related fl uctuations. In addition, various rotation speed ranges are available for a wide variety of plastics. Even plastics with extremely low melting temperatures can be granulated without using additional cooling.

Smart Control - Industry 4.0

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