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Film recycling
Wetgrinders Hellweg 600 W Series

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Series 600 W - Forced-feed high-performance wet grinder

The new wet grinding reference

Low Operating Costs
The wet cutting mills of the 600 series rely on a future-orientated drive concept: Low-power engines minimise power consumption for low operating costs at high throughput rates. The robust design also resists sophisticated High-pollution applications

Perfect flakes in film recycling
The rotor blades run at an angle against the stator blades for the Hellweg-typical double scissors cut. With a constant cut gap without adjusting the rotor blades, it sets a benchmark at cut quality and Dust-free. The result: flat, torsion-free flakes with perfect particle size distribution and geometry, optimal for further processing, and a minimum dust content of 3 % and less.

Optimum Operation
Hellweg Smart Control detects power consumption, engine speed and storage temperatures, the condition of knives, Seven and V-belts. This allows the control to optimise feed, motor load and throughput. This ensures maximum economic operation at all times and at all crushing conditions with minimum operating effort. 

Mlyn do recyklingu folii PET, LDPE i innych tworzyw. Sluzy do mielenia na mokro

Wetgrinder - Series 600 W

Recykling folii - broszura informacyjna
Forced-feed high-performance wet grinder

The benefits:

Technical data:

  • Working widths: 600-1.500 mm
  • Rotor diameter: 600 mm
  • Motor output:  75 – 110 kW
  • No. of rotor knives: 7
  • No. of stator knives: 2 – 3
  • Rotor speed: 280-490 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: appr. 5.000 – 25.000 kg
  • Grinding output: appr. 800 – 5000 kg/h

Recykling folii - naped podajnikow slimakowych

Drives for screw forced feed

The forced-feed is an ideal utilisation of the wet cutting mill. The drive speed shall be measured by the surrent consumption of mill drive precisely controlled.

Recykling folii PET, PE. Rownolegle ulozone podajniki srubowe surowca.

Parallel screws

Insight into the Material Collection Bunker


Recykling folii - otwarta komora mielenia.

Opened grinding chamber

Wet cutting mills are equipped with a knife system typical of the Hellweg brand, which works on the principle of scissor cutting.

Przylacze wody procesowej mlyna do folii.

Water distributor

Wet grinding technology enables processing even contaminated raw materials.

Recykling folii z polietylenu- made in Germany

German Quality

Made in Germany

recykling odpadow foliowych


PET, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PVC, PC, PLA films are force-fed to the grinders using tambing screws, which means smooth operation even with contaminated input materials.

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