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HELLWEG - Dust removal equipment

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Dust removal equipment for dust-free regrind

The Hellweg dust removal equipment serves to separate dust from regrind. The conveying fan blows the ground material into a separation cyclone.

There, the ground material falls down with the dust. The fan air is taken upwards and cleaned in a suspended dust filter hose. The ground material and dust are separated in the pre-cleaner by means of the mounted dust blower. The dust-free ground material then falls further down into a suspended bag or into a box with a grid. The dust is separated in the dust cyclone that is mounted alongside and collected in a bag at the bottom.

The exhaust air of the dust fan is also cleaned, by 2 filter bags. Die Abluft des Staubgeblässes wird ebenfalls durch 2 Filtersäcke gereinigt.

odpylanie przemialu tworzyw sztucznych

De-dusting device

odpylenia przemialu plasiku tworzyw
Dust-free regrind

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Output suction: 50 – 1.200 kg/h
  • Output suction: 0,75 – 7,5 kW
  • Output blower: 0,37 – 1,1 kW
  • No. of filter bags: 3-8
  • Nominal weight: appr. 400 – 2.000 kg
  • Dimensions(BxLxH): appr. 2.500 x 1.000 x 3.000 mm

stacja odpylajaca przemial tworzyw sztucznych

Compact design

All components used are located outside the station, so that the given machinery footprint is not exceeded.

separator metali odpylanie przemialu tworzy sztucznych

Metal detector

A metal detector is used to detect extremely small metal particles.

lanca ssaca odpylania przemialu tworzyw

Vacuum lance

Vacuum lances are made according to the type of application or customer wishes.

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