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Granulators for thermoforming technology

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Granulator - Series RST - thermoforming punched skeleton processing

Efficient punched skeleton processing

Strips of foils or sheets are punched out in the thermoforming process, especially for packaging products (cups, blister packs, boxes, etc). The thermoplastic punch skeleton waste arising here is re-processed by
the new “RST Thermoform” granulator into re-usable regrind material.
RST Thermoform granulators are fitted with special feeding equipment that can be provided in optional vertical or horizontal versions. Punched skeleton feeding into the granulator hopper takes place with frequency or dancer arm control, whereby the intake is adjusted according to the feed rate of the production machine, so that fluctuations are compensated.

The machines are equipped with a stiff torsion-resistant rotor, in open or closed design, that is produced from one solid piece of metal.

mlyn do odpadow z termoformowania hellweg rst 1050 flexal

Granulator for thermoforming process - RST Series

miniatura broszury mlyny do termoformowania rst flexal
Efficient punched skeleton processing

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Working widths: 650 / 1.200 mm
  • Diameter of rotor: 200 mm
    rotor blades: 3 – 5
  • Material strengths: 0,02 – 5 mm
  • Motor output: 4,0 – 30 kW
  • Speed: 1 – 150 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: 680 – 1.250 kg

mlyn do odpadow z termoformowania tworzyw sztucznych hellweg rst podajnik

Model 300 M 1200/300 RST – granulator for the thermoforming line with equipment. Possibility of loading with a belt conveyor or manually (two loading holes)

mlyn do termoformingu z ruchomym ramieniem zaladowczym flexal


Model MGS 650/200 RS equiped by dancer arm system.

Different materials - different rolls

There are different rolls for different materials and applications suppliable.


młyn tnący do termoformowania flexal

Solid one block-rotors

Stiff, non-twisting rotors produced from one solid piece of metal guarantees a high torque, no imbalance and no breaking because of no welding.

wirnik młyna do termoformowania flexal

Different applications - different solutions

There are many different feeding devices for many applications or materials.
sterowanie mlyna do linii termoformingu flexal

Easy handling

The feeing speed as adjustable by potentiometer which is included in the control box.

arkusze do mielenia mlynem do termoromowania


Atrips of foils or sheets (also called thermoplastic punch skeleton wastes) are punched out in the thermoforming process, especially for packaging products (cups, blister packs, boxes, etc.)

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