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Hellweg 260 BR Series
Small & strong granulator for lumps

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Series 260 BR - Motor output: 11 - 15 kW

Single stage shredding of solid start-up lumps

The MG 240/260 BR lump granulator enables single stage shredding of solid start-up lumps, thick plates and similar items. The rotor of the lump granulator is made from one piece of metal and therefore has enormous stability in transfer of even high torque.

The U-CUT geometry used for the blades enables a cutting principle that is based on a so-called “peeling cut”, combined with limitation of cutting depth. This prevents the rotor blade from penetrating too deeply into the plastic lumps being shredded. The material is “peeled off” from the lumps so that blockage of the rotor is prevented and fast and energy-saving shredding is guaranteed. An entire sound protection can also be offered as an option.

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Start up lump granulators - Series 260 BR
Small lump granulator

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Working widths: 240 mm
  • Rotor diameter: 260 mm
  • Motor output: 11-22 kW
  • No. of rotor knives: 4
  • No. of stator knives: 2
  • Rotor speed: 490 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: appr. 1.100 kg
  • Grinding output: appr. 80-150 kg/h
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High impetus blades

Additional high impetus blades produce high torque and thereby increase the power of the rotors. This enables optimum granulation of large and heavy parts, as well as tasks involving large quantities.



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Mighty exterior bearings on two sides

Exterior bearings for the rotors on both sides prevent ingrees of dust and contamination of the ground material by lubricants and thereby guaranteed long bearing life.

Low energy requirement

Also the one step size reduction lumb granulators are working with low energy motors: 15-30 kW.

Cutting equipment

The rigid, distortion-free rotors made out of solid material guarantee gentle cutting, also during extremely high peak loads which happens at the one step size reduction.
zlepy bryly tworzywa do zmielenia mlynem do recyklingu


The powerull series 300 BR granulators are ideally suited for the one step granulation of parts with thick walls, sprue cakes, such as mouldings, sheet, pipes and profiles, etc.

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