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Hellweg 250 Series
Slow running grinders

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Series 250 - Motor output: 1.1 - 2.2 kW

Series 250 - slow running roll mill - Slotter – low dust granulation without sieve.


The Hellweg ”Slotter” (”Slow Cutter”) type roll mill works without use of sieves and with low speed of just 25 rpm, so that gentle granulation of sprues and gating parts takes place, preventing thermal degradation, ensuring faster output of ground material and regrind with an extremely low level of dust, that is often a decisive criterion to ensure that the material can be returned to the production process.


Extremely fast and easy cleaning is enabled by division of the grinder into two sections.

mlyn wolnoobrotowy hellweg 250 do tworzyw od flexal machinery
broszura mlyn hellweg 250 od flexal maszyny i urzadzenia dla przemyslu tworzyw sztucznych
Slotter – low dust granulation without sieve

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Working widths: 150 / 250 / 330 / 410 mm
  • Milling rolls diameter: 105 mm
  • Motor output: 1,1 – 2,2 kW
  • No. of milling rolls: 4-10
  • No. pre-shredders: 1-4
  • Milling rolls speed: 25 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: ~ 290-540 kg
  • Grinding output: ~ 5 -25 kg/h
komora mielenia granulatora hellweg 250 flexal- maszyny przemyslowe

Divided grinding chamber

The divided grinding chamber guarantees fast opening, good acces and thereby fast cleaning, for example, when changing colour or material.

mlyn typu lamacz hellweg of flexal mlyny do plastiku

Working method

Larger and bulkier parts are pre-cut (ahredded) between the pre-cutters around the roll and wall of the enclosure. The shredded material is then granulated between the roll rotor and the counter blades before leaving the granulator.

kompaktowy granulator mlynek wolnoobrotowy typu lamacz hellweg 250 od flexal maszyny przemyslowe

Space saving construction

The compact, space saving design with a right-angled gear drive enables the granulator to be used directly at injection moulding machines.

rozdrabniacz wstepny granulatora hellweg 250 od flexal mlyny do tworzyw sztucznych

Roll rotor and pre-cutters

The cutting equipment of the series 20 roll mill rotor granulator consists of a segmented roll rotor and one or number of pre-cutters and counter blades, depending on the version.

Particle size and throughput

The achievable particle size of the ground material depends on the width and height of the teeth sides and lies in the range of 4-8 mm, with throughput performace of approx. 5-15 kg/h.

kruche wlewki wtryskowe do mlyna wolnoobrotowego hellweg 250 od flexal machinery


The series 250 roll mill granulators are ideally suited for granulation of bulky glass reinforced plastic sprue cores, gating and complete sprue and runner systems.

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