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Hellweg 200 Series
Beside the machine granulators

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Series 200 - motor output: 2.2 - 7.5 kW

PET-Recycling: Processing of PET preforms and PET bottles

The Hellweg 200 series beside-the-machine granulators are suitable to meet the requirements of the blow moulding industry, especially for grinding of PET performs and PET bottles.

The grinding chamber is constructed in such a way that optimum material input is ensured, in particular, also with lightweight hollow items such as bottles, canisters and other containers.

Material can be removed by connecting freely available standard extraction fittings. A tall rack is offered as an option to fill the ground material into a bulk  container or bags.

mlynek do preform i butelek pet oraz innych tworzyw sztucznych hellweg 200 od flexal machinery
broszura mlyna przemyslowego hellweg 200 od flexal maszyny
Processing of PET preforms and PET bottles

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Working width: 240/320/410/650/1050 mm
  • Rotor diameter: 200 mm
  • Motor output: 2,2 – 7,5 kW
  • No. of rotor knives: 3-5
  • No. of stator knives: 2
  • Rotor speed: 280 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: ~ 340-900 kg
  • Grinding output: ~ 50-250 kg/h

Acces for cleaning

A particular feature is the design of the grinding enclosure without “dead corners”. This is enables complete cleaning within very short time, a feature that is especially important with frequent colour or material changes.

Fast sieve removal

Fast and easy removal of the sieves used in the granulators is achieved after lowering of the sieve frame.


The rigid distortion angled cut rotors made out of solid material ensure a reliable granulation process with quiet running. The rotors are fitted with 3 or 5 blades, depending on the application.

komora mielenia mlyna hellweg 200 mielenie plastiku flexal machinery

Grinding chamber

The rotor blades are mounted directly on the solid rotors. Rotor blade adjustment has been eliminated; only the stator blades call for adjustment, via two screws.

najlepszy mlyn do butelek hellweg 200 od flexal maszyny przemyslowe

External bearings

The use of solid, double-sided exterior bearings for the rotors prevents ingress of dust and therefore guarantees long bearing life. This prevents contamination of the ground material by lubricants.


The 200 series high performance machine-side granulators are ideally suited for granulation of abrasive plastic parts such as, e.g. PET preforms.

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