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Hellweg 260 Series
Central granulators for plastics

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Series 260 - Motor output: 7.5 - 11 kW

Central grinding - simple, fast and quiet

The Hellweg series 260 granulators are used for central grinding of sprues, but also sheets, mouldings, sprue flash and especially hollow items such as bottles and canisters, etc. Due to the compact design, these granulators enable user-friendly insertion of material into the granulator from a low height Extraction equipment with cyclones and bag supports are integrated into the machines.

Full sound proofing with the use of a feeding hopper insulated against noise is offered as an option, enabling very quiet operation.

najlepszy mllyn centralny do tworzyw sztucznych hellweg 260 od flexal group
mlyn do tworzyw sztucznych recykling plasiku flexal hellweg 260
Central grinding - simple, fast and quiet

The benefits:

Technical data:​

  • Working width: 410 / 650 mm
  • Rotor diameter: 260 mm
  • Motor output: 7,5 – 11 kW
  • No. of rotor knives: 3-5
  • No. of stator knives: 2
  • Rotor speed: 490 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: ~ 1180-1500 kg
  • Grinding output: ~ 150-500 kg/h
wydajny młyn centralny do tworzyw sztucznych Hellweg 260 Flexal Plastics Machinery

Access for cleaning

The anclosure is insulated against noise and can be easily opened. Easy access and therefore fast cleaning is guaranted, e.g. with change of colour or material.



najlepszy mllyn centralny do tworzyw sztucznych hellweg 260 od flexal group

MKA - complete solution

The MKA version is characterised by an enclosure insulated against noise, a noise insulated double-walled feeding section and integrated extraction equipment, including a cyclone for direct bag filling.

stopy do transportu granulatora hellweg 260

Simple transport:

The series central granulators are fitted with so-called “shoes” above the machines feet. This enables the machines to be quickly taken up and transported by a forklift truck.

zintegrowany odciag do przemialu tworzywa sztucznego do granulatora hellweg

Extraction equipment

A closure flap and a leather belt is located at the lower and of the cyclone for direct bag filling. The integrated fan conveys the ground material directly from the collection tub.


The rigid, distortion resistant rotors made from solid material guarantee gentle angled cutting, even at high loads.

wsad do mlyna hellweg 260


The 260 series granulators are ideally suited for granulations of, for example, hollow parts.

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