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HELLWEG Series 450
High performance central granulators

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Series 450 - Motor output: 22 - 75 kW

Heavy duty granulators for hollow bodies and high throughput

The Hellweg 450 series granulators enable gentle and thorough granulation of voluminous and large surface area plastic parts such as bumpers from the automotive industry or parts dismounted from old cars like plastic tanks, door interior claddings, canisters etc on account of the real helical scissors-cut and the high moment of gyration of the massive rotor that is made from one solid piece of metal.

In connection with a 7-knives rotor also higher material outputs can be reached as a central application. Sheets, pipes, profiles and thick-walled mouldings, etc can also be granulated in a save way.

mlyn granulator do tworzyw sztucznych flexal 450

Central granuators - Series 450

miniatura broszury mlyna do recyklingu plastiku tworzyw flexal machinery
High performance for voluminous parts

The benefits:

Techn. data:

  • Working widths: 600 / 1.200
  • Rotor diameter: 450 mm
  • Motor output: 22 – 75 kW
  • No. of rotor knives: 3 – 5
  • No. of stator knives: 2
  • Rotor speed: 490 r.p.m.
  • Nominal weight: appr. 1.900 – 3.800 kg
  • Grinding output: appr. 500 – 1.100 kg/h
hydraulicznie otwieranie komory mielenia mlyna granulatora do tworzyw sztucznych 450 flexal

Access for cleaning

A particular feature is the design of the grinding enclosure without “dead corners”. This enables complete cleaning within very short time, which is of particular importance with frequent colour or material changes.

Opening equipment

The heavy grinding chamber enclosure can be lowered towards the rear by means of hydraulic equipment. This way, the central mills have equally easy access as do the Hellweg machine-side granulators.

konstrukcja niemiecki mlyn granulator do tworzyw flexal 450


The construction is made in a solid and compact way. The generously dimensioned exterior bearing supports are connected directly to the grinding enclosure by flange and therefore ensure the highest level of stability and support for the heavy rotors.

energooszczedny naped mlyna do tworzyw 450 flexal


The 450 series granulators work within an optimally determined rotation speed range. This guarantees optimum cutting speed for low energy consumption, low dust levels and quiet operation.
masywny rotor wirnik mlyna do tworzyw sztucznych 450 flexal


Depending on the application, the series 450 granulators are fitted with 3- or 7-blade rotors. A special rotor in a closed design even enables single-stage granulation of solid start-up lumps.

recykling plastiku tworzyw sztucznych duzy mlyn


The series 450 central granulators are ideally suited for granulation of plastics parts of large volume and large surface area, for example, parts from the automotive industry such as bumpers, plastic tanks, door interior trim, as well as material arising from disassembly of used cars.

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