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Laboratory devices and equipment

maszyny i urzadzenia laboratoryjne sprzet flexal

Laboratory devices and equipment that we offer include mainly:​

1. Laboratory extruders for extrusion and compounding of thermoplastics,
2. Laboratory grinders,
3. Laboratory extruders for rubber and silicone extrusion.

wytłaczarki dwuślimakowe do zastosowań medycznych i laboratoryjnych - flexal

Laboratory extruders for thermoplastics

The devices we offer are used to reproduce and design industrial extrusion processes in laboratory conditions. Extrusion and compounding of plastics are very complex processes, which is why a laboratory extruder must be made with high accuracy and have the capabilities of industrial extruders. Our extruders are characterized by a compact design, high torque and intuitive operation via a touch panel. They are available with different screw diameters depending on the needs - they can process quantities even smaller than 1 gram, as well as large quantities - up to 1-2 tons. The offered extruders are among the smallest devices in the world. Thanks to the compact and user-friendly design, the total cost of tests performed is much lower than in the case of other devices. We adapt the specification to the unique needs of the client and are flexible in terms of meeting special requirements.
In addition to typical applications related to the processing of plastics, our devices can also be used in the study of other issues - such as:
- development and production of pharmaceutical products,
- production of medical implants made of bioresorbable materials,
- research on meat substitutes,
- development of modern battery components,
- and many others.

maly laboratoryjny mlynek do tworzyw sztucznych FLEXAL

Laboratory grinders

Small, compact devices of the German brand HELLWEG, series 80 - are intended for laboratory applications, as well as for industrial production, which uses very expensive materials using micro-injection technology.

They are perfect for grinding small ingots made of technical materials such as: ABS, PA, PBT, PC, POM, but also the popular PP or PE.

The resulting grinding is of high quality and can be successfully reused in technological processes.

wytlaczarka do gumy i silikonu Flexal

Laboratory extruders for rubber and silicone​

We offer laboratory extruders specifically for the development, testing and inspection of rubber and silicone compounds. These units are suitable for use in R&D industry laboratories or scientific institutes and reflect all the characteristics of industrial production lines.
The delivered laboratory extruders are equipped with the most modern measuring equipment and appropriate software, thanks to which they allow to determine the behavior of rubber mixtures during the extrusion process.

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