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Rubber processing

Przetworstwo gumy i silikonu

In the area of rubber processing, we can offer:

1. Extruders for rubber hoses and profiles,
2. Rubber preformers for preparation highly accurate blanks for compression moulding,
3. Rubber strip cutting machines.

Extruders for hoses and profiles

We offer a conventional extruders that are great for popular applications, as well as more advanced machines - such as:
- units equipped with degassing systems,
- pin barrel extruders,
- silicone extruders,
- vertical and horizontal coextruders for produce multilayers products.

Rubber preformers

It is a proven technology and is use successfully by many of rubber manufacturers throughout the world. Using this very efficient machine, the desired shape and mass of the rubber compound is obtained with an accuracy even of +/- 0.1 g.

Rubber strip cutting

Automatic, hydraulic machines for cutting strips of raw rubber that allow it to be cut to any length. We deliver devices in 2 control versions:
1. with time-controlled cutting length settings,
2. with electronic controller - for applications where greater precision of the cut length is required.

The machines are available in different sizes - also in the laboratory version.

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