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Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

maszyny do przemyslu farmaceutycznego flexal hot melt extrusion

Machines, devices and solutions for the production of pharmaceutical products in our offer can be divided into two main categories:

1. Extruders for the production of drugs by hot-melt extrusion (HME),
2. Mixers and homogenizers.

Devices and solutions for pharmacy in the field of drug production using the HME technology

Solutions using hot-melt extrusion technology is not a new field. Mixing of ingredients using extruders with co-rotating screws has been used in the plastics industry for decades. The same hot extrusion system has been implemented for drug production and works very well in specific applications. HME consists in placing the active substance in a properly selected polymeric carrier. During the process, the mixing of ingredients takes place at high temperature, high pressure and high shear forces.

wytlaczanie lekow na goraco hot melt extrusion flexal

The rotating screws, in addition to mixing the substances, ensure the appropriate heating time in the individual zones of the plasticizing system. A separate temperature profile can be used in each zone to meet the plasticization requirements of the polymer carrier and the distribution of the active ingredient. During mixing, gases are removed from the molten mass to ensure a uniform product structure that comes out of the extruder nozzle at the final stage. Under such conditions, a mixture with very good homogenization is formed, forming a solid form after cooling. The advantage of this technology is also that thanks to the appropriate selection of the carrier, it is possible to obtain, for example, a prolonged release of the active ingredient with a highly bio-available composition.
Twin-screw extruders typically feature segmented screw construction that can be configured for mixing, kneading and conveying capacity during the process - depending on the application requirements. Thanks to precise, multi-component dosing units, mounted in the feeding zone, it is possible to obtain a pharmaceutical product consisting of several components. Liquid or gaseous additives, on the other hand, can be introduced directly into the molten material through side feeding devices. The flexibility of the system is very high, and the configuration is selected specifically to the customer's requirements.

Mieszalnik dla przemyslu farmaceutycznego spozywczego kosmetycznego

Mixers and homogenizers for the pharmaceutical industry

In the field of devices and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, we also offer various types of mixers and homogenizers made of acid-resistant steel.
Industrial mixers for pharmacy are devices used to equalize the raw materials used in terms of density, concentration and other physicochemical properties. Using a movable mixer, the mixture consisting of various ingredients - becomes homogeneous. In addition to the basic mixing function, the mixer can also accelerate heat exchange and chemical reactions. The solutions we provide are used for raw materials in the form of powders, semi-liquid substances or granules, and the appropriate construction of the mixers is selected depending on the type of application. The most commonly used types of agitators are: paddle, turbine, propeller, anchor or frame agitators. Other elements that we flexibly select for the customer's needs are, for example: thermal insulation, heating or cooling jackets or control and measurement equipment. It is very important to design the mixer in such a way that it does not have the so-called "dead zones" and that it is possible to clean the device relatively easily.
A special type of mixer is a homogenizer, which is dedicated to work in a vacuum or high pressure atmosphere. These devices are usually used for the production of creams, gels, ointments, etc.

The solutions we provide meet the necessary standards and directives (2014/68/EU, 2006/42/EC, 2014/34/EU).

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