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Dosing, mixing, conveying & storage of granular materials

maszyny dla przemyslu: kompletne systemy do wytlaczania i kompandowania

We offer the highest quality solutions that are tailored to the customer's needs. Our systems are dedicated to the plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Elements of our lines may include:
- external or internal silos,
- big-bag unloading stations,
- pneumatic material feeding system,
- gravimetric (weight) feeders operating in continuous mode,
- micro-components dosing units,
- dedusting stations,
- software with an automated control and monitoring system.

Our solutions are installed in Europe as well as Asia and Africa. The added value of our systems is the 30-year experience of the team of engineers, and thus the knowledge of technology and industrial procedures.

Depending on your requirements, we will offer an optimal solution designed for current and future needs. Efficiency, control and monitoring are essential for maximizing the efficiency of the production process. Our control systems are tailored to specific customer requirements. Regardless of whether your production is complex or simple - we will provide a "tailor-made" solution supported by the latest available technology.

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