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Robots & Cobots

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The area of robotization is a wide segment for which we can offer solutions tailored to customer needs. We most often install industrial and cooperating robots:

1. in palletizing lines
2. in packaging lines
3. in assembly lines

We have experience in integrating robots of all the most popular brands - such as: KUKA, FANUC, STÄUBLI, ABB, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS

Robotic palletizing stations

Palletizing consists in placing products from the production line on a pallet for transport or storage. A well-designed palletizer minimizes the volume of goods on a pallet while minimizing the risk of damage to the stacked products. Our solutions ensure an efficient palletizing process. The customer gains a reduced workload and repeatability of performed operations.

Most often, we deliver palletizing stations to:
- cardboard packaging,
- bags with loose material,
- trays.

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