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Industrial manipulators

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Industrial robot - BOMA QX6

QX6 industrial manipulators are specifically designed for the automation of medium and high tonnage in stack molding applications, thanks to its double vertical and transversal axis.

Quality components guarantee solid performance and reliable efficiency: brushless servo-motors, epicyclic gearboxes, reliable and durable pneumatic components, movement transmission via timing belts, steel machine structure, sliding blocks with roll-by-balls on a hardened steel prismatic guide, vacuum settings by handheld.

In order to meet different requirements in terms of payload, stroke and dimensions, QX6 is available with telescopic doble strokes.

Technical data:

  • IMM combined: 

500-900 tons

  • Vertical Axis (Y):

telescopic double stroke

  • Configurable Rotations:

additional electrical axes

  • Horizontal Axis stroke (X):

3000 mm

  • Transversal Axis strokes (Z and Z1):

950 mm

  • Vertical Axis strokes (Y and Y1):

1700 mm

  • Payload:

up to 12 kg

  • Dry cycle:

~ 9,5 s

manipulatory przemyslowe roboty do wtryskarek linearne kartezjanske teleskopowe QX6-1

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