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Machines and solutions for production automotive products

maszyny do produkcji wyrobow z sektora motoryzacji automotive flexal

Machines and solutions for the production of products from automotive industry that we offer - can be divided into two main categories:

1. Used for the production of rubber and rubber-metal automotive products,
2. Using extrusion blow molding technology.

Maszyny do produkcji wyrobow gumowych dla motoryzacji automotve Flexal

Rubber and rubber-metal automotive products

We offer a wide range of machines for the production of rubber products for the automotive industry.
In our offer you will find e.g. extruders dedicated to the production of seals for doors or car windows, as well as for the production of hoses for air conditioning systems, fuel lines, brake lines, power steering systems, pressure lines for the turbocharger, cooling system and hydraulics. Thanks to several decades of experience in the production of machines for the rubber industry, we can adapt production lines to specific, individual requirements. Our know-how in the field of appropriate methods, technologies, rubber mixtures, as well as the construction of heads enables optimal configuration of the extrusion line, and thus guarantees high quality and production efficiency.
In addition to the extrusion line, we also provide a number of solutions supporting the technology of rubber pressing. We are talking here about such devices as rubber preformers and strip cutting machines.

rozdmuchiwarki wytlaczanie z rozdmuchem motoryzacja automotive Flexal

Extrusion blow moulding automotive products

Extrusion Blow Molding machines can produce several types of automotive products, e.g. coolant expansion tanks, power steering tanks, intake air ducts or flexible shock absorber covers.
The production of automotive products often uses accumulator heads (with an intermediate chamber), forming slides (various types: electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically), a system Partial Wall Thickness Control (PWDS) or interfaces for communication with the robot. We can provide all these solutions in the machines we offer.

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